Since 1996, Cyberspace Solutions has been gathering the experience required to make the company versatile and efficient in these ever-changing and continuously evolving industries. Keeping abreast of the latest market developments, Cyberspace Solutions has expanded and streamlined its operations to offer the most modern and advanced portfolio of services available.

As the company name conveys, we provide invaluable marketing ideas and services through the efficient creation and implementation of custom made Information Technology and Multimedia solutions.

Cyberspace Solutions specializes in a vast range of such services which include: web design, web applications, e-commerce, 360° photography and virtual tours, digital signage hardware design and implementation, digital signage content creation, CD-Rom authoring, printing and packaging, and print design. Our services, however, develop and evolve in step with the industries’ advancements.

The evolution of the Internet over the past fifteen years has been impressive, and shows no signs of slowing down. For an ever-increasing number of companies and individuals the Internet has become an indispensable marketing and information gathering and dissemination tool. Cyberspace Solutions prides itself with utilizing the foresight it had shown when it was set up as one of the first web design companies on the Maltese Islands, to identify and adopt the latest IT & Multimedia developments that will prove crucial to maintain marketing efforts fresh.

Our company employs a dedicated and highly motivated team of multimedia professionals: designers, web application developers, IT hardware engineers, support staff and administrative staff.

We have developed our own range of popular custom designed web applications that enable us to offer complete online solutions integrated into our clients’ websites. These applications include real estate listings software, catalogue listing solutions, online booking systems, and eCommerce solutions linked to online payment systems. Over the years we have serviced clients from a wide range of industry sectors – hospitality, education, cultural, manufacturing, banking & finance, healthcare and retail – based in a number of different countries: Malta, UK, Germany, Libya, South Africa.