Cyberspace Solutions is interested in assisting Maltese private companies and NGOs find their way through the maze of EU funding. We want to hear about your projects and ideas and together help you identify the best funding platform / programme most suited for your project / idea. Through our consultancy services we can assist your organisation tap into 3 main funding platforms being Horizon 2020, Erasmus+ and ERDF.

Before accepting to take over a new client / project we carefully analyse the potential of that client / projects to receive funding. If we are not comfortable that the proposed project will qualify for funding, we will not accept to proceed further.

Our EU funding consultancy services focus on assisting the client in:

  1. Identifying the best funding programme for your project
  2. Assisting the client in putting together an effective and attractive Project which has a good chance of successfully securing contacts
  3. Assistance in the application process, including the writing of the application itself as well as assistance with the project costings.
  4. Assisting the client in identifying and bringing together partners to form multinational consortia needed for many EU projects.
  5. Helping client through our national and International contacts networks
  6. Communicating with local and international EU bodies responsible for managing EU funds, in order to ensure accurate and up-to-date information needed when compiling and submitting projects.
  7. Attending local and international conferences related to specific funding programmes on behalf of clients.

To find out more about our services please contact us for an initial meeting on 21424657 or fill in the form below

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