The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) is meant to strengthen the economic, social and territorial cohesion by reducing the main regional imbalances through support for the development and structural adjustment of regional economies.

Fostering a competitive & sustainable economy to meet our challenges.

€51,000,000 ERDF Funding for Maltese Industry

Using ERDF 2014 – 2020 a number of programs / schemes will be issued by the Government of Malta to carry out potential actions that have been identified as a result of a comprehensive analysis carried out on the territorial disparities, development needs and growth potentials. This approach was necessary to direct investments towards policy sectors and specific objectives that will enable Malta to meet the Europe 2020 and national targets. 6 Schemes will be launched totaling €51 million Euros targeting specifically Priority Axis 2 –Consolidating investment within the ICT sector; and Priority Axis 3 Enhancing Malta’s competitiveness through investment in SMEs – . The majority of these funds will be targeted at Maltese SMEs


€51 M are earmarked for Grant Schemes under three Priority Axes 1, 2 and 3. In the first phase six grant schemes shall be launched with a total budget of €31M. Under the current operational programme, ERDF Grant Schemes will be centrally administered and managed, by the Measures and Support Division, which has been tasked to act as the Intermediate Body in terms of Article 123 (6) of EU Regulation 1303/2013.

  • Priority Axis 2 ‘Consolidating investment within the ICT Sector’ Budget €5M  –  e-Commerce Grant Scheme €5M
  • Five schemes under Priority Axis 3 ‘Enhancing Malta’s Competitiveness through investment in SMEs’ Budget €26M.
    • Start-up Investment Grant Scheme €7M
    • SME Growth Grant Scheme €8M
    • SME Diversification and Innovation GS €8M
    • SME Internationalisation Grant Scheme €2M
    • SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme €1M

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    ERDF Priority Axis

    Priority Axis 1: Investing in research, technological development and innovation;
    Priority Axis 2: Consolidating investment within the ICT sector;
    Priority Axis 3: Enhancing Malta’s competitiveness through investment in SMEs;
    Priority Axis 4: Shifting towards a low-carbon economy;
    Priority Axis 5: Protecting our environment – investing in natural and cultural assets;
    Priority Axis 6: Sustainable Urban Development;
    Priority Axis 7: Shifting towards a more low-carbon transport sector;
    Priority Axis 8: Investing towards a more socially-inclusive society;
    Priority Axis 9: Developing our future through education, training and lifelong learning;
    Priority Axis 10: Investing in a more environmentally-friendly society;
    Priority Axis 11: Investing in TEN-T Infrastructure; and
    Priority Axis 12: Technical Assistance.