Medical Digital Signage is a project worked upon by two of Cyberspace Solutions’ branches; Cyberspace Medical and Cyberspace Multimedia. This provides hospitals and clinics with the ability to convey messages, advertisements and information through screens which may be remotely controlled and are easy to update. Customisation is very simple and may be done remotely

This method is modern and attractive and doubtlessly more efficient than traditional posters and leaflets as it provides moving imagery which also costs less to maintain and change.. The content in the screens may be changed at the simple push of a button instead of having to reprint leaflets and posters to advertise a new service. Furthermore, Medical Digital Signage is long lasting.

The service may be used to advertise new services offered by the hospital, targeting particular profits so as to increase profits. The screens may also be used to provide live information in order to increase the ease at which patients roam and feel at the hospital. Emergency alerts may also be sent through the system.

Cyberspace Solutions’ services include; consultancy, site survey and design. Furthermore, we also provide for the installation of the screens and the cabling necessary. Cyberspace also designs the content for your systems and aids with the implementation and system configuration.

This system has been used in Saint James Hospitals around Malta and has had a positive outcome, boosting customer experiences greatly. Medical Digital Signage is a versatile and efficient way to promote your services and increase quality.