The Hospital Information Systems for any medical business

Report Generator

A useful tool to analyze, monitor and project a business’ performance


A flexible and scalable hospital accounting system designed solely for the purpose


Enables users to access grouped data from different hospital areas

Digital Pens

A device that captures and uploads written data into digital text

Case Studies

HIS installations for Saint James Hospital in Malta, Hungary & Libya


From the smallest of clinics to the largest hospital groups, Compucare is The Hospital Information Systems for any medical business. Being a comprehensive module-based system which is flexible and may be tailored to specific needs, Compucare is efficient in many aspects, from the scheduling of bookings, to the handling of initial referrals, full electronic Patient history recording and tracking,  to billing and invoicing.

Compucare’s modules ensure that all is provided for any aspect in managing hospital environments and patient records effectively. Compucare makes use of seamless linking to ‘top of the range’ third-party products which extends its use to pathology,document imaging and PACS systems just to name a few.

Compucare offers many tools to monitor business performance and activity. All these features and qualities make Compucare the leading solution for independent hospitals, private hospital groups, private clinics, and NHS private patient units.

The full range of services is as follows:

  • Electronic Patient Records
  • Outpatients
  • Inpatients
  • Theatres
  • Contract Management
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Patient Ledger
  • Provider Ledger
  • EDI
  • Bank Interface
  • Order Communications
  • Bed Management
  • Pharmacy
  • Stock Control
  • Report Generator
  • Compucare Web
  • Text Messaging
  • Self Check-in
  • Postcode Address Link




Report Generator

Report Generator is a useful tool to analyze, monitor and project a business’ performance. It’s simple, easy to use interface makes it extremely easy to export the necessary data from the databases into organized reports.

This may be easily done by using the step-by-step Reports wizard. Every report may then be categorized by the use of keywords in the form of tags.  Reports may then be organized into libraries, such as month end reports or financial statements which may then be accessed quickly by the click of a button.

The reports may be viewed in a variety of ways. Thanks to the Pivot table functionality, one is able to manipulate the reports, enabling them to view the data in their desired way.

Report Generator not only provides for creating and organising reports but also offers high level security. Every login is authenticated by the use of Windows Server Active Directory which provides full security. This also enables the administration of permissions and group policies. This specifies which users are able to edit, view, run or delete particular data.

In order to further the flexibility of Report Generator, it may also be used to produce boardroom-ready reports which may be personalized by adding logos, charts and graphs.




Financials is the leading solution for a hospital’s financial needs. It is a flexible and scalable hospital accounting system designed solely for the purpose. While complementing Compucare, Financials may be used internationally with the choice of any base currency and may also be used for hospital groups thanks to its multi-company and consolidation facilities.

The nominal structure is easily defined and as with the rest of Street Heaver’s products, ease of use is a top priority. Financials suits both the needs of small and large businesses providing up to six levels of analysis.


Financials is a period-based accounting system and therefore only posts transactions related to the concerned period, providing the interested parties with relevant, accurate month end reports.

The unified ledger concept is the heart around which Financials is built allowing ease of access to prime entry, an easily understandable audit trail while avoiding the need to synchronise ledgers. This ensures accurate data whilst avoiding repetition.

Frequent transactions are memorised and they may be entered automatically, saving time and reducing the risk of input errors in the accounting process.  Also, recurring journals and batches may be set up to be run automatically. All statements, reports and documentation may be sent via e-mail.

When used alongside Compucare, Financials allows accurate reports to be produced which include both activity and financial data. This allows for a complete analysis of a business’ activities. Also invaluable information such as ratios may be extracted. Reports may be exported to Excel or other mediums for further manipulation. Reports may also be personalised by the addition of logos.




The need to group together data from different systems is quintessential in today’s world. Street Heaver’s MessageCall now enables users to access date from different systems such as Laboratory, PACS, Radiology and Drug Monitoring Systems. The bi-directional integration produced by MessageCall may be used on all hospital systems with an open architecture including systems that have been designed and developed in-house.

The latest technology has been made of use in order to develop this Microsoft Windows based solution. MessageCall provides all the connectivity needed by Hospital systems in order to run efficiently.



Digital Pens

Despite the wide range of electronic devices and hi tech gadgets available, the use of the humble pen and paper to record notes, and all kinds of information, especially when it comes to  forms, is the most logical and easiest way of doing things.

This innovative data capture device,  captures and uploads written data into digital text. Functioning like a normal ink pen it is easy to learn to use. It allows users to write notes on normal paper while directly obtaining a digital copy. Unlike other similar products on the market, Street Heaver’s Digital Pen not only transforms the data into PDF but also inputs it into relevant fields in the Compucare HIS software.

‘Digital Pen’ may be used to upload both handwriting and drawings, the uploading of which requires no change to current administrative processes while maintaining patient confidentiality.

This product shortens the time spent on inputting data as it does so automatically, it also eliminates the need for costly manual document scanning. Medical professionals are often reluctant to typing notes whilst visiting the patient as this may deter the clinician’s focus, but with Digital Pen, the clinician may still take notes (which will be automatically inputted) and at the same time provide the patient with all necessary attention. The digital pen drastically cuts training times as clinicians do not need to be trained in using pen and paper to take clinical notes

Data is easily uploaded into Street Heaver’s software by connecting the pen to a dock which is connected to a computer or even remotely by the use of Bluetooth and a mobile device. Validation checks are also automatically run in order to ensure the accuracy and correctness of data.

‘Digital Pen’ has been proven to increase productivity by 35%, reaching its development goal: to enhance service, reduce running costs and maximise profit.

‘Digital Pen’ may be adapted to your needs. It may also be used individually or be integrated with Compucare, therefore complementing it. Forms may be personalised and may be printed through a laser printer when needed.