Audio Guides

Audio guides allow the visitor to any exhibition to completely immerse himself in a one to one explanation of the exhibits. There are various audio guide systems ranging from hand held basic models, to completely interactive location triggered units as well as interactive multimedia audio guides.

Digital Exhibits offers a complete solution for your audio guide project both in hardware as well as content production and audio recording. Our audio guide hardware solutions are manufactured to the highest quality specifications designed to offer unbeatable reliability, outstanding European quality, and the lowest cost of ownership.

The range of Audio Guide products offered can be classified into three main categories:

Self Guided Tours

These touch / button based self operated audio guide systems are ideal for independent visitors not forming part of a bigger guided tour. Visitors will enter the code assigned to the object to the electronic museum audio-guide and the related content is provided.

Location Triggered Systems

These systems offer a semi-automatic guide experience. Content is automatically triggered as soon as the visitor enters into a specific location. This provides for a flawless and efficient service in which the right content is provided at exactly the right moment

Group Guided Tours

These audio guide systems are specifically designed for groups visiting the museum, exhibition or places of interest. These units allow the tour guide to discreetly address people in the tour group via the wireless tour guided system.

The Audio guides offer full multilingual capabilities and content can be uploaded in a variety of languages. The substantial built in storage ensures that you have space for hours of high quality audio narration on your unit.

Our Audio Guides come with a range of optional extras, these include; induction loop systems for people with special hearing needs, high quality audio guide headphones, neck lanyard audio guide holders, as well as professional quality rechargeable batteries. Some of the more advanced models may also display video clips or images on small monitors fitted in the audio-guide itself. For audio guides being used in very humid places such as underground caverns or catacombs we offer full audio guide tropicalisation for a more complete protection from humidity. We also offer various warranty and ownership options.

Whatever your audio guide or audio projection requirements we have the hardware , software and experience required to help you find the best solution possible.

Audio Guide systems can either be purchased or leased. If you are interested in discussing our audio guide solutions please click here to send us your details and we will get back to you. Alternatively you can call us on 21424658.

Audio Posts

Audio post are custom designed rugged and robust outdoor listening stations designed for heritage sites and places of special interest. Audio posts are an ideal solution for playing oral history extracts, sound effects, narrations, stories or poems in single or multiple languages. Audioposts are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and therefore can be installed anywhere outdoors. They are tough enough for the extreme conditions on coastal pathways. Each Audio post is custom designed with the faceplate accommodating up to six vandal resistant buttons, labeled with a short line of text. Clients logos, graphics and text are engraved on the front panel using an extremely robust engraving process. The engraving is completely permanent and will not fade, chip or wear over time.

Audioposts can be play messages in up to eight different languages using a single button to scroll through the various language options. Contact us for more information on how Audioposts can be used to interpret your site.