Cyberspace Solutions has been appointed as a Value Added Reseller of Scan Station in Malta and the UK. The first UK project will be launched in the coming days at the Long Clawson – Stilton Cheese company in Leicestershire. Manually generated production documents will start using Scan station for automated scanning and digitisation,  as well as collection and analysis of the data scanned.   Cyberspace Solutions will assess clients interested in document scanning solutions  in System and project analysis, system configuration and setting up as well as on going support.

ScanStation is an all-in-one scanning terminal, designed to streamline and automate the process of scanning paper documents into digital storage. ScanStation allows the creation of fully user-customisable scan job buttons by administrators, thereby relieving users of decisions involving scanner settings, image destination, indexing, compliance and document validity. The system is designed for use in a standalone or networked capacity, as a walk upscan-walk away ‘kiosk’ type way.

Contact us for more information after you checkout this informative video about the solution of offer.