Ticketing and Access Control Systems

CyberTicket is a complete modular ticketing and access control system. The solution contains two main components: 

  1. the ticketing system which includes both onsite and online ticketing.
  2. The access control hardware.

Your money is yours we don’t take a cut!

Once we install the CyberTicket system on your website or at your ticketing office , you will have a dedicated, own hosted ticketing solution which puts you in full control of your profits without the need to give a cut to a third party. You also have full control on creating different ticket types complete with their custom designed own rules.

Attendee check in 

CyberTicket comes with smartphone apps for iOS and Android platforms. A cross-platform Chrome Desktop app is also available offering the perfect solution for checking in attendees on larger events or events without Internet coverage. So you can now finally host your event on the Moon or in a desert and still be able to check-in the tickets.

Connection to Payment Gateways. 

Our ticketing system can be connected to a large selection of local and foreign Electronic Payments gateways, including paypal. By offering online ticket sales, you are effectively having a 24/7 ticket office open and accessible from anywhere in the world to anyone with an internet connection.

Some of the features of CyberTicket that will make your ticket selling easier include:

Shopping Cart

Customers can purchase any number of tickets for more than one event at one go.

Discount Codes

Discount codes are an effective way of boosting sales. You can create an unlimited number of discount codes for all or just a certain ticket type.

Multiple Events

CyberTicket has the option to easily create and manage multiple events at once. Setting up ticketing for an event is very straightforward.

Unlimited Ticket Types

The system supports any number of ticket types for one or more events. You set ticket quantity limits, available check-ins per ticket, available quantity, etc.

Ticket Builder

The Ticket builder is used to build as many ticket templates as you need.

Custom Forms

Forms are used to collect useful customer information for different events  in the simplest way possible.

Barcode Reader

Barcode readers are used to improve the whole check-in process, decreasing check-in time and avoiding queues at the door.


CyberTicket works well and looks good with every WordPress theme which is coded by WordPress standards.


Cyberspace Solutions has partnered with Honeywell barcode scanners and ZKTeco turnstile solutions  to allow our CyberTicket solution to be connected to a variety of entrance control systems. Event tickets can be scanned and verified at  a selection of turnstiles options. Real time verification will then be used to allow or restrict visitor entrance to a venue. A built-in ticket tracking solution will log individual tickets which were used and when.