Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport Booking Engine

Online Booking and membership system for Kunsill Malti ghall-isport.

The Government of Malta operates various sports facilities all over Malta and Gozo. These include, sport complexes, tennis, football, squash, basketball courts as well as the national pool facilities.

Skola Sport and Skola Sajf are specially designed sports programmes designed for children for all ages. Each year these programmes attract thousands of applicants who attend various programmes throughout summer and after school hours.

We are currently developing in different phases a complete online booking system for all the sport facilities managed by KMS, as well as online booking facilities for the specific training or educational programmes organised by KMS. Online payment is enabled on the booking system to allow users to complete their  booking completely online.

Thousands of clients are registered members of KMS to be able to use these facilities as well as participate in various sport related programs. Cyberspace Solutions has built a comprehensive multi layered membership system to manage the thousands of KMS members registered with KMS.

The Challenge

To provide Kunsill Malti Ghall-iSport with a booking system which allowed users to make bookings of its facilities. Also members who frequently use the system would be provided with a username and a password which they would use when they return to the system.

The Solution

Using Codeigniter and MySQL, with the aid of AJAX, we built a system in which a user can sign up for a membership. Members would then be able to book activities and programs for their family members such as booking a squash court. Also the system has an in-built permission system for administrators and it also has several reporting tools.