Health Plus Malta

Health Plus is Malta’s leading distributor in the Natural Health and Beauty sector, targets Malta’s health conscious community. You can now purchase online a wide range of Gluten Free and Organic foods as well as Natural Food Supplements, Herbal Remedies and Organic Toiletries. Cyberspace Solutions have helped Health Plus Malta establish an online shop for their products which can be found at

Malta Philharmonic Revamped Website

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra founded in 1968, is the national orchestra of Malta. Under it’s new leadership, the MPO today continues to pride itself in developing its vision of delivering music of the highest caliber on the Maltese islands while also promoting our musical heritage abroad. After developing the original website more than 6 years ago Cyberspace Solutions has been once again commissioned to redesign completely a new website to act as at the orchestra’s official web presence. Website can be found on:

A redesigned

Over the last 5 years has become the leader in online cake ordering from Malta. This week we launched the new, with a brand new corporate identity and a new look and feel for the website. The responsively designed online shop is filled with delicious cakes, hampers, christmas treats and more.

C.Camilleri & Sons Ltd (Known as ‘Tal- Ħelu’)

Giving their exisiting site a refreshing look that matches their classic branding, yet with a modern touch that focuses on their delicately crafted hampers, outstanding wine collection and their authentic patisserie.

The site also features an online shop with a variety of products that will be enjoyed by all.

Strand Meats Ltd

Strand Palace Meats is a recently established subdivision of Strand Palace Agencies.

A fully responsive one page parallax scrolling website. The site is built using photographic elements that clearly shows the genuineness of their products. The website is fully responsive and features online catalogs.



Revamped Birra Biss

Revamped Birra Biss

Fancy a cold beer with your friends during the upcoming BBQ or whilst watching your favourite movie?You can order your beer online from a selection of premium foreign beers through

Cyberspace Solutions designed this site for Birra Biss more than 5 years ago, and whilst the site still functioned perfectly, a major design upgrade was needed, to enable the site have responsive design. The new site now fits on different hardware platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop. Ordering your beer selection is super easy and you can even select your prefered delivery time. The site is build around the WordPress core as a Content Management System and features a fully fledged online shopping and online order processing system for order processesing and tracking.

A Selection of Ales, Ciders, Lagers, Non-Alcholic and Stouts are available for online ordering.

Saint James Hospital Libya

The Challenge

Saint James Hospital Group’s Libyan branches needed a multilingual website, a website which may be viewed in both Arabic and English. Said website would require content management and a system which could be easily updated with information, timetables, and news. The website would also need to be Search Engine Optimised and a simple navigation system.

The Solution

We had an answer to all of their needs. We designed an easy to use and easy to learn Content Management System built on WordPress Core. There are two different versions to the site, one in Arabic and one in English, this allows different audiences to view the site at their full comfort. We included a clear, simple and easy to sue navigation system which allows for the leisurely navigation of the site. To further the reach of the website, we also integrated it with Facebook so that the Libyan Saint James branches would now be able to reach audiences on one of the largest social media platforms.

Soundmachine/Samsung Online Store

The Challenge

Samsung required us to create a website for Soundmachine. This website would act as an online shop for customers allowing them to purchase products from the comfort of their homes.

The Solution

We created the Soundmachine website based on the concepts of eCommorce. It consists of an online shop in which customers may order the products which may be delivered to their homes. This made it much easier for Soundmachine to increase their reach in the market.

Kunsill Malti ghall-iSport Booking Engine

Online Booking and membership system for Kunsill Malti ghall-isport.

The Government of Malta operates various sports facilities all over Malta and Gozo. These include, sport complexes, tennis, football, squash, basketball courts as well as the national pool facilities.

Skola Sport and Skola Sajf are specially designed sports programmes designed for children for all ages. Each year these programmes attract thousands of applicants who attend various programmes throughout summer and after school hours.

We are currently developing in different phases a complete online booking system for all the sport facilities managed by KMS, as well as online booking facilities for the specific training or educational programmes organised by KMS. Online payment is enabled on the booking system to allow users to complete their  booking completely online.

Thousands of clients are registered members of KMS to be able to use these facilities as well as participate in various sport related programs. Cyberspace Solutions has built a comprehensive multi layered membership system to manage the thousands of KMS members registered with KMS.

The Challenge

To provide Kunsill Malti Ghall-iSport with a booking system which allowed users to make bookings of its facilities. Also members who frequently use the system would be provided with a username and a password which they would use when they return to the system.

The Solution

Using Codeigniter and MySQL, with the aid of AJAX, we built a system in which a user can sign up for a membership. Members would then be able to book activities and programs for their family members such as booking a squash court. Also the system has an in-built permission system for administrators and it also has several reporting tools.