A redesigned ilovecakes.com.mt

Over the last 5 years ilovecakes.com.mt has become the leader in online cake ordering from Malta. This week we launched the new ilovecakes.com.mt, with a brand new corporate identity and a new look and feel for the website. The responsively designed online shop is filled with delicious cakes, hampers, christmas treats and more.

ilovefood.com.mt Facebook Campaign

Another very popular photo competition wherein users from all over the world submitted their cooking entry photo and recipe an other visitors could vote for the most popular recipe entry.

The Family Selfie Competition

The Challenge

Bupa wanted to develop an online Facebook photo competition for families. This would help Global Capital interact with potential customers and give them incentives to use their services.

The Solution

We developed a fun game which allowed families to upload selfies together. The photo with the most likes would then be eligible for the prize given by Global Capital.

Bupa Memory Game

The Challenge

Bupa wanted to develop a fun and interactive Facebook game which gives incentives to customers for mental healthcare. This game would enable Bupa to engage with potential customers and therefore increase their customer base. The game would also need to be able to store the results obtained by players as they would be used to determine who wins rewards offered by Bupa.

The Solution

We designed and developed a Facebook game using Unity. This game allows users to register a username and password which is to be used when storing scores and playing the game. This game tests the memory of the players and examines their correctness. The game then ends with the end screen which displays the user’s score and rank. The same user may only submit a score once a week as these were the rules submitted by Bupa.