Saint James Hospital Malta

In the year 2000, Saint James Hospitals Malta entrusted us with the full computerization of their systems. Since when the project was entrusted to Cyberspace Solutions Ltd., the Saint James Hospitals Malta’s systems have been transformed from making very limited computer usage to making use of a fully-fledged system which is entirely reliable on technology.

Compucare was chosen as the system upon which the Hospitals’ work should be done. Compucare is the leading UK Hospital Information System. Compucare provides services to all types of medical institutions. From the smallest of clinics to the largest hospital groups, Compucare caters Hospital Information Systems for any medical business. Being a comprehensive module-based system which is flexible and may be tailored to specific needs, Compucare is efficient in many aspects, from the scheduling of bookings, to the handling of initial referral through to billing and invoicing.

With the use of Compucare, all of the Maltese Saint James Hospitals Branches have been digitalized. The Zabbar branch, the Capua (Sliema) Branch, the Outpatient branches at Burmarrad and Zebbug and also Transforma, the cosmetics clinics.

Another branch of Saint James Hospitals, Live Life, a physical rehabilitation centre has also been digitalized using Compucare. LiveLife is the first private specialised Physical Rehabilitation Centre on the Maltese Islands. LiveLife have selected professional and experienced staff to spearhead and drive our patients’ recovery with their knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm.

The computerisation process involved setting up a huge infrastructural wide area network in order to be able to connect all the databases related to every hospital. Needless to say, hundreds of employees from clerical staff to nurses had to be trained on how to use the system. Cyberspace Solutions Ltd. was also involved in the process analysiation.

Saint James Hospital Hungary

The Saint James hospital branch in Hungary is a dedicated eye clinic making use of the latest eye treatments. Saint James Eye Clinic prides itself in constantly keeping abreast with the latest medical technology. Only the most recent, brand new and efficient medical equipment is used, both within the Diagnostic Department as well as within the Surgical Unit. The Saint James Eye Clinic operating theatres are equipped with ultra clean air filtration systems to ensure a consistently optimal sterile environment which is essential when carrying our delicate ophthalmic surgical interventions.

The Saint James Eye Clinic forms part of the Overseas health branch of the Saint James Hospital Group. In the past 7 years since its opening, the Saint James Hospital Eye Clinic in Hungary has made use of Compucare to manage its hospital info systems.

Currently the hospital is undergoing a process which consists of improving the usage of Compucare in order to maximize the efficiency in the handling and storing of clinical documents. The aim of the hospital is to have a fully computerized system which is completely paperless. This aim is expected to be achieved in the near future with the help of Compucare.

The hospital also ensures that all activities are within JCI Certification Guidelines which regulate hospitals internationally.

Saint James Hospital Libya

The Saint James Hospital group has three separate branches in Libya. These branches are situated in Janzour, Palm City and Ben Ashour, the latter being the largest site and boasting a fully-fledged, top of the range general hospital.

All off these Saint James Hospital Group’s Libya branches have been making use of Compucare in relation to their Hospital Information Systems since 2002.

In the beginning of 2014, a multi-year contract for the upgrading of the Libyan Saint James Hospitals’ Information Systems has been signed. The contract also includes the implementation of Compucare in the new state of the art hospital which shall be opening in Hay Demasq.

The Hay Demasq Hospital is due to open in the last quarter of 2014. Cyberspace Solutions Ltd. has been entrusted with the prestigious role of the overall Hospital Information System project coordination with regards to implementation and training.

The hospital shall be making use of another of Street Heaver’s products, MessageCall. This will link the hospital’s information system to various third party systems such as PACS and Pathology. Digital Pens shall also be used in order to collect data directly from the clinicians’ notes. Financials, Street Heaver’s Medical Businesses’ accounting and financial package shall be used to allow for the full integration of the Hospital Information System.