a free and effective telemedicine platform

Each year Cyberspace chooses to do pro bono work for some NGOs. Whilst keeping our yearly assistance towards Din l-Art Helwa, this year we have also successfully carried out  an initiative specifically targeting  the COVID pandemic. was our corporate social responsibility initiative, aimed at providing free medical consultations to those who needed it, hoping in the process to lessen their financial burden as well as lighten the Health Services’ workload. 

For this initiative, Cyberspace teamed with family doctor Dr. Chris Deguara to provide a secure online booking and communication platform which allowed patients to avail from online telemedicine consultations, without having to attend clinics and risking their health, those of other patients and healthcare providers. Thisinitiative was targeted principally towards some of the most vulnerable members of society. This project was carried out under the patronage of his excellency President Dr. George Vella and approved by the medical council.

More than 1500 patients were attended to during the 5 months that was operational. This project was also made possible through the generosity of a number of private local companies who helped sponsor part of the costs needed to pay the doctors in attendance. Special thanks also goes to the doctors  who offered their services at discounted rates 

All at Cyberspace feel especially proud that we could give back something to the community at a time when it needed out help. We look forward to the coming year hoping that by then COVID19 would be an ugly thing of the past.