Having an attractive site with strong design principles and navigation is important but having a site that functions well is where our web developers make a difference. The web design team and development team work hand in hand to produce web projects that work. We believe in specialisation as well as in teamwork and in complementary skills between the two.

this is our area of specialisation.

Our software development is focused on web solutions.


Our eCommerce solutions are built around the award winning Magento. This is probably the most flexible enterprise class platform to power your business, with virtually unlimited flexibility. For smaller project we use WordPress’s eCommerce platform.

Content Management Systems

WordPress is the core of our Content management System. This is the world’s biggest CMS and we have more than 5 years experience using it extensively in all sorts of web scenarios and web projects. We are able to build additional functionality for wordpress in the form of separate plugins.

Bespoke Software

Whatever your requirements we can build customised web applications and software solutions. The solutions include booking and ticketing systems, referral systems, as well as membership systems. We also have extensive experience in connecting web systems to offline systems for data exchanges, normally through web services.

Facebook Apps

Facebook has become one of the most important Social Media tools for communicating online. We can programme any form of Facebook app, competion or game which you may require for your online marketing campaign. These apps are fully integrated with the FB development tool kit using FB’s APIs.

All our web applications are created using PHP and mySQL which are both open source technologies that have substantial benefits to the end client.