The internet has changed how most bookings are made. Customers no longer go to travel agents to buy their hotel reservation or airline flight tickets. If you are buying a concert or show ticket most probably you will be purchasing it online, paying for it online and printing it on your own printer at home or at the office. At Cyberspace Solutions we have developed multiple booking and online membership systems, for various setups be it sport clubs and their facilities, hotel accommodation systems, travel arrangement systems as well as NGO membership systems.

Our online booking systems allow you to:

  • Take Customer appointments, reservations and payments 24/7 through your website or Facebook page.
  • Manage your staff, resources and events.
  • be flexible, whether you are a solo entrepreneur , family business or lage organisation our booking systems can be scaled to fit you and your customer’s needs.
  • Being completely custom programmed – our booking systems can integrate with 3rd party systems such as access control systems.