As a company focused on providing web solutions we are highly aware that the quality of our hosted servers is crucial in offering an uninterrupted fast and effective hosting service to our clients. For this reason we have partnered with one of Europe’s biggest data centers to host, manage and maintain our dedicated servers. Located in the heart of Europe, the datacentre provides an excellent and environment friendly infrastructure for our company. Multi-redundant network connections to important Internet exchanges ensure fast website access to our dedicated servers. Onsite technical and hardware support also ensure that we receive immediate, 24/7 support should any issues be reported.

Magento Hosting Our servers are optimised for Magento Hosting and included Tuned MySql, Xcache PHP opt-code caching, tuned and hardened PHP, and Litespeed Enterprise.

Reliable & Efficient

We use a reliable and efficient web server in order to give the customer full satisfaction. Once we design and create your website, we will host it on a dedicated server which will ensure that your website is always accessible with a 24hr engineer back up. Our web hosting service gives clients a fast website with a guaranteed 99.99% uptime.

Customers Satisfiaction

Customers have always been satisfied by our flawless web hosting services. While, as with any other service, problems have risen, we have always done our best to solve them. This has made us experienced and flexible in web hosting, making us the ideal solution for you.