360° Interactive tours

filming technology

Museums and galleries can now use 360° 8K filming technology to record existing or temporary exhibitions or physical spaces digitally in order to produce virtual exhibitions or tours. The need for such VR tours increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic when many museums had to close their doors to the public due to public health restrictions.

vr and ar 

Through VR and AR  museums can bring their collections to life. Visitors can bow be offered total emersion in an exhibit or the ability to visit a museum virtually from the comfort of their home. 

vr interactive

VR places the user inside an experience. It can be interactive or take the form of 360-degree video. VR is being used to create museum tours, make exhibits interactive, and to bring scenes to life. It can help curators to put objects in context and show their true scale.

immersive experiences

Cyberspace’s team of creatives and developers can work with you to create truly immersive experiences that allow visitors to immerse themselves in playful virtual reality experiences when visiting your museum virtually or physically. 

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