Din L-Art Helwa – White Tower


DIn l-Art Helwa and the HSBC foundation signed a sponsorship agreement to help in the restoration of the White Tower in Armier. 

Since then, the White Tower has gone from a dilapidated, illegally occupied ruin to a beautifully restored coastal tower and interpretation centre, hosting a young-visitors experience programme called NEMO.

NEMO is an interactive learning visitor’s center which was designed and implemented by Cyberspace. The concept behind NEMO is to make free learning in heritage buildings fun and accessible to everyone!

The interpretation Centre is aimed at providing a learning experience through the use of interactive touch screen units as digital learning tools. 

Visitors can explore these screens to find out about a variety of topics related to Malta’s coastal Watchtowers, marine biodiversity and foreshore.

NEMO targets children coming from underprivileged backgrounds by exposing them to cultural experiences and environmental awareness particularly those related to the sea. 

Digital games and quizes specifically targeted at children are aimed to tackle specific learning outcomes in an informal and fun way.